Beginnings – About this blog



Writing, images, video, soundscapes.

Adventures, people, places, experience, reflections, and impressions.

Connections to special places in the natural world.

Following retirement from full time/permanent work at age 57 I want to live life to the MAX, to write and to provide pleasure to others who I connect with through the words and media.

And to see where the journey leads. From Canberra, Australia.


IMG_5266 IMG_5265 IMG_5264

Landscape writing Scribbly Gums - Googong Valley
Landscape writing
Scribbly Gums – Googong Valley

IMG_5259 IMG_5258


2 thoughts on “Beginnings – About this blog”

  1. Have just discovered your blog and are really enjoying it. We will be cycling the Danube this summer and would love the opportunity to ask you a few questions.


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52 Adventures. That's the aim. One each week. Like any real adventure the outcome is unknown. The journey, the comrades, the solitude, the challenges, the special places are what matters. And this is the record – writing, images and video. Enjoy.

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