Notes on Falling

Notes on Falling


Sydney storms

Houses washed away lives lost

Falling rain

Torrents in the creeks


Force of gravity

On the bend of a space time continuum

Black holes in deep space


Cats drop from apartment blocks

Reaching terminal velocity after 9 floors

Spin and splay and relax and walk away unscathed


The last moments before sleep

Snap awake

Genetic memory from the time we slept in trees

Lions below


Our most common human dream


Price of iron ore


Government revenue, the economy


Ian lead climbing

Several meters above his last runner

Committed to moves he can’t reverse

Tangled feet hands on the wrong holds

“Watch me”

And he’s off, top runner pulls

Sudden stretchy stop 8 m down

Clean, fast, ok


Time seems to compress on the way down

Mind and senses focused


Like slowmo


Plane climbs steeply then levels out

Clip to the tandem

Sit on the edge lean forward

Screaming exhilarating terror

Lips, cheeks face pulled back with G force


Tumbling into love


Tingling heart catches fire


Mum at home

Down the stairs in the middle of the night


Cracked pelvis

Discomfort pain mobility limited

A walker to get around

Care and assistance

A loss of independence

6 – 8 weeks


Mother in law

Walker wheel collapses

Tumble to the floor


Cracked hip, gashed elbow, leg




Student client’s Mum

Forgot to clip in


Thinks on the way down

“let me not be paraplegic, let me die”

But lives

Shattered ankle and humerus

School group nearby watch it all


30m abseil

Last section overhanging

Student watchers sing their buddies down

“I’m free, freefalling”.



With thanks to RadioLab

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