If we could read this landscape?


If we could read this landscape?

6 – 8 June

Budawang Range – Morton National Park


Five Blunts hit the trail. Father, aunt, son, brother, wife, husband, uncle. First overnight hike for one and others with hundreds under their belt.


Banksias are adapted to fires. Some species are killed by bushfires but the heat also makes the seed pods open to enable germination in the soil.


IMG_5282 IMG_5286

If we could read the stories written in the land around us what might we learn? Of the slow movement of the country northwards, riding on an ocean of magma? Of the ancient megafauna, diprotodon and the giant emu ranging across these hills? Of the passing ice age when the coastline was many kilometers further out than today? Of the lives of the Wandandian and Walbanga tribes that lived in these forests for 6,000 generations and more before the arrival of the modern boat people from Europe 200 years ago? Of the platypus in the pool nearby? Might we be able to read the future, where all things being “equal”, this bit of the crust will likely be 2,000 km north in 40 million years and a coral reef might have grown up in sight of Pidgeon House Mountain?

Old scribbly gum

(The writers here are the larva from the scribblly gum moth which burrow into the new bark of this species of eucalypt. as the old bark is shed the “scribbles” are revealed.)

3 day hike. Wog Wog to cascades camp on the Corang River – 8 km. Cascades camp east along the Corang River to more cascades at “Many Rock Ribs” at the junction with Canowie Brook then along Canowie Brook trail to Burrumbeet Brook camp caves and side trip up to Yurnga Lookout – 8km. Burrumbeet Brook camp caves over Corang Peak past Kora Hill and back to Wo Wog 14km.

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