Friends Fab Fun on the river


Friends Fab Fun on the river


Cotter to Urriara Crossing

1.43 on guage at Mt. McDonald

Capture5Another short day on the river whitewater kayaking. The level had been holding for a while with recent rain continuing. Canberra whitewater used to be more reliable but now it’s a matter of when the river is up you need to get in the water quick. Friends, boats, paddles, we were all in. Or mostly. Caleb rolled and pirouetted and nose dived and tailied and played like a pro who had never been far from the flow. I took it easy and surfed a lot but didn’t swim this time. DanM ran all the bigger lines and surfed like there was no tomorrow in his yellow banana. And Mitch and DanG pushed themselves and surfed and drank a little water upside down. The Gopro lit up and did all the right things to capture all the action then spat the dummy and lost all the footage. Oh No! Disappointment. It would have been a ripper compilation. Oh well, we’ll have to do it all again when it rains next.

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