Bowens Creek Canyon


Bowens Creek Canyon


Canyoning – Blue Mountains

Lower Bowens Creek North


A narrow foot track led us down into a land of deep green, damp, tree ferns, moss, mud, huge  trees. Near the bottom a monster trunk had fallen diagonally across the gully.Piper 3


This canyon offered “bang for your buck”. Lots of action in a small distance.

Jumps in, balances across logs, swims, scrambles through blockups, walks through wondrous narrows, passings beneath dripping ferns. We kept moving to stay warm, abseiled beside waterfalls into cold swirling water, laughed, marvelled at the grandeur of it all.

Breon abseilingAt a quiet sojourn Piper asked “How are your 52 adventures going Pete?” “When’s the last day?”

“This is 52. And today’s the last day of the year!” My face was just one big grin. We high fived then continue on.

Breon 1


Admired the stunning beauty, smiled and wowed as midday sunlight beamed down on us between the high walls. We awed at the power in floods, the tangled log jams and massive chockstones above.

Rachel 1


And then we broke out into warm sunshine. A large orange yabbie welcomed us to a sandy lunch spot where we rested before the hike and climb out.Group


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