The best young teachers you could find anywhere

56, 57, 60

Training Outdoor Education Teachers

60 – Bushwalking guide training

Honeysuckle Creek Campground to Bushfold Flats camp to Summit of Mt Tennant then down to finish at Namadgi Visitors Centre – 2 days

5 up and coming stars of the Canberra outdoor education fraternity hiked out of Honeysuckle Creek Campground and made our way along the Alpine Walking Track to Booroomba Rocks. The shocking weather forecast didn’t quite eventuate. Mist rose  through the cliffs at Booroomba Rocks. We pushed off track to the open rock shelves on the mountain top to south. Desperate scrambling provided perfect navigation and extension of skills in a direct line back to the Booroomba Rocks Carpark. By afternoon we made Bushfold Flats and set up camp on the meadows.

The evening was beautifully clear and still. We cloth filtered and purified water from the dam.

Overnight rained and blew then miraculously cleared over breakfast.

Mount Tennant’s summit was windswept.

The sat phone, first aid kit and decision making skills got a workout through scenarios.


57 – Top Rope Climbing Guide training

Thompsons Point Nowra


Among an army adventurous training group we sweated up climbs, sorted the safest setups and consolidated procedures.

Santas Little Helper, Lucifer, Hang On, Big Dreams, Woderwick and more.

Top belay, bottom belay, bottom anchors, top anchors, bolts, trees, boulders, slings, quick draws, biners, safety top and bottom, knots, belay systems.


56 – Abseil guide training

Wee Jasper


Devil’s Punchbowl – small, medium and large abseils. Daylight entry to Dip Series 2.

We looked for safer ways to do things – sitting and easing over the edge when the anchor is at foot level.

Managing heat and fatigue as the last group arrives for the day.

What is the ultimate system setup and why?

Belays – self, bottom, top.

Anchor systems.

Is it worth the extra time to set up a releasable abseil line and top belay?

The knife?


Days of time, weekends …… they’ve given up to learn the ropes …….. so they can take students on adventures, provide the experiences that will stay with them for years.


Some of the best young teachers you could find anywhere. Would you have the legs and the heart for this?

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